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Terms and conditions

The agreement between buyer and seller consists of information the seller provides the purchase in order solution in the site ( including without limitation information about the nature, quantity , quality, other characteristics , price and delivery ) , any direct correspondence between the parties (eg e- mail ) as well sales conditions . Upon conflict between the information the seller has provided for the purchase in order solution in the online store , direct correspondence between the parties and the terms of the sale conditions, the direct correspondence between the parties and the information given in order solution in front of the sale conditions , unless it is contrary to binding legislation .



Company: Bojt AS
Organisation number(NO): 912591247
Location: Sandefjord, Norway
E-mail: clipees@bojt.no
Telefon: +47 977 29 942

The buyer: the person placing the order.

Prices and delivery cost

All prices are in quoted in Norwegian kroner, excluding VAT. Porto is mandatory on all orders.



Orders are usually sent within 24 hours on weekdays . We do strive to keep delivery times as short as possible. All items are shipped directly from our warehouse in Sandefjord.
Delivery time in Norway: 3-7 days.
Delivery time in the rest of Europe: 4-10 days.
Delivery time in the rest of the World: 10-16 days.
Payment and security

Clipees.com is owned and operated by Bojt AS . The shop has been in operation since 2016 and has their warehouse in Sandefjord . We hope you feel it is safe to shop with us . We never store payment information with us , but use leading firms as Payex , PayPal and Stripe to outsource payment transactions. We sell in general to all countries by prepayment . The only exception is when invoice payment is chosen. In the online store  purchaser can choose to pay in NOK or USD.


Our card solution is provided by Stripe and comply with the strictest safety requirements. When you enter your card number , this is done in Stripe ‘s secure server. This means that none of us who work on Clipees.com ( Bojt AS ) can read your card number . It is equally safe to shop with cards at us like in any store or restaurant . The amount will be reserved on your card with the purchase , but only drawn when the packet is sent from us .


You can act now – and receive an invoice via Payex (business/private), invoice fees will apply.

Invoice by Payex is only available to customers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Terms of the Service for PayEx Faktura (SE)

Information om personuppgifter och kreditprövning

Insamling av personuppgifter och kreditprövning är en förutsättning för vi ska kunna behandla önskemål om betalning på kredit. Vid köptillfället görs en kreditprövning som i vissa fall innebär att en kreditupplysning tas. Tas en kreditupplysning kommer en kopia att skickas till dig per post. Personuppgifter hanteras i enlighet med gällande lagstiftning. Vi kommer att lämna de personuppgifter som inhämtas i samband med köp till PayEx, 621 88 Visby, som behandlar personuppgifter i syfte att utföra identifikation och kreditkontroll, för fakturering och annan hantering som är knuten till fordran, samt för statistik- och analysändamål exempelvis för att undvika bedrägerier, för att utveckla nya produkter och för beslutsstöd vid inkasso. Uppgifterna kan lämnas ut till underleverantörer och till myndigheter och annan som har rätt till uppgifterna enligt lag. Uppgifterna kan också användas för marknadsföring av PayEx produkter, via brev, e-post eller på annat sätt, om du inte skriftligen anmäler till PayEx att du inte samtycker till detta på den adress som PayEx anvisar.

Information om överlåtelse

”Fordran kommer att överlåtas till PayEx Credit AB, 556735- 5671, S:t Hansplan 1, 621 88 Visby. Betalning med befriande verkan kan därför bara ske till PayEx på det konto som PayEx anvisar”.


Leverans sker till din folkbokföringsadress.


Faktureringsavgift tas ut med följande belopp: [Kund anger den faktureringsavgift kund tillämpar]. Faktura ska betalas så att den är mottagaren till handa senast 14 dagar efter fakturadatum. Vid försenad eller utebliven betalning tillkommer dröjsmålsränta med gällande reporänta + 19,00%, dock lägst 20 % samt ersättning för skriftlig betalningspåminnelse med det belopp som anges i lag (1981:739) om ersättning för inkassokostnader mm eller motsvarande lag som ersätter denna”.



You can pay via your PayPal account or pay by credit card through PayPal if you do not have an account.

PayPal is one of the world`s leading online payment solutions.



Return of goods

You have 14 days unconditional withdrawal. Is there something you are unsatisfied with, contact us! Our goal is to always make You satisfied! You do not need to use the return form for our part , simply contact us and we will solve it as easy as possible for you!


Return cost

” Return costs are payed by the consumer. ” (Ref . Withdraw Act § 15 first paragraph, Norwegian law) . If you have received incorrect items or item contains an error or omission , we cover the return postage .

If you have received a defective item or if you are dissatisfied , please contact us! We will always sort it out !


Personal information

The information we receive when you register will only be used for the distribution of goods and to send you information from the online store . We treat only the personal information you provide to us , and which is necessary for us to fulfill our obligations to you , and you have requested the right to know what information we have registered about you, and to require such information deleted . We will never resell mailing lists or other information to third parties. We reserve the right to refuse orders . All personal information must match (tel. No. , name and address) for the order to be approved. Deliberate offenses as fake orders admissions , fraud , forgery or other criminal activities will be reported to the police.

Thank you for your purchase!