Hfarazm Software LLC


We care about the environment and are taking the ongoing climate changes seriously. Our company tries to always make decisions that might have a better impact on the environment. 

Clipees AS is reducing their total emissions. We are constantly doing small changes to improve our carbon footprint.

We are capturing 280kg CO2 from the athmosphere each year through donations to Climeworks.

Each year we donate enough money to plant at least 100 trees through Plant-for-the-planet.


At least 70 percent of our shipping packaging comes from reused carton from other packages.

In addition to this we do several small things like using paper tape for packaging when possible, using labels and stickers with more environmental friendly glue.

We have also changed the plastic type in YoKey to  a type with less chemicals.


We encourage our customers to think of the environment and to make small changes towards your goal whenever possible. If you don’t know where to begin, a great start will be to visit a company like Climeworks. Give a donation and they will in return capture CO2.